16 March 2558

The recently established Electronic Government Agency (EGA) is now making its way towards better government IT infrastructure, exploring emerging technologies such as cloud computing and mobile development.

“The goal is for Thailand to offer universal government services online by 2015, allowing public access via any device around the clock,” said Sak Segknoonthod, EGA Director.

The EGA is already playing an important role as technology adviser to state agencies while coordinating efforts among them. All e-government services will be assessed this year while encouraging greater use of information technology and IT professionals in government agencies.

As a start, the EGA will introduce its first e-service this year, the “national single window”, allowing citizens to access electronic data and share and integrate information among 35 state agencies and private organisations in the areas of import, export and logistics.

Led by the Customs Department, the national single window will provide one-stop service for documentation procedures for exporters and importers. The system will reduce many time-consuming manual processes and cut transport costs for the current 125,000 exporters and importers in Thailand by at least US$3.2 billion annually.

Sak also said the EGA will extend its reach to handset devices in order to accommodate the increasing numbers of mobile users and kiosks will be set up to help expand e-government service to remote rural areas.

To date, the EGA has provided 120,000 e-mail accounts for civil servants. Furthermore, planned cloud services will allow officials to choose their storage, server, operating system and database software on a pay-per-use basis.