DGA Core Value

18 August 2020

CHANGE for better

Driving the growth of company’s vision requires the organizational core values that are essential factors to achieve the goal. Firstly, the senior executives, managers, and supervisors will have to lead changes and should always act as a role model. However, the organizational core values awareness and understanding must be communicated at a very granule level of organization. Moreover, continuous personal encouragement and motivation within organization will form the DGA core value and are the keys to success in the construction of the corporate culture.

Therefore, DGA has been established the new core values and competencies that align with DGA mission & vision. The aim of this core values was to make the new behavioral environment, those are ;

1. C: Co-creation, collaborates with the network to innovate the digital government Create the cooperation among network to gain better efficiency from shared goals.

2. H: High Performance, creates higher quality of product or service Create the continuous improvement of product and services, through quality and empirical results.

3. A: Agility, adapt to be fast and highly agile Be Adaptive with changes at fluent mobility, and always challenge the new challenging goals.

4. N: Nation First The Most Priority is the Country. Always seeing common interest and national interests as the most important task.

5. G: Good Governance Transparent and verifiable Consciously perform duties with honesty, transparency, verifiable, accountability, and responsibility in mind.

6. E: Entrepreneur Make it happen Being creative and thoughtful but daring to make it happen.