Vision/Roles of the DGA

18 August 2020


Orchestrating Digital Government Transformation

Roles and Missions

  1. Reinforce, administrate, and provide digital technology infrastructure services and service systems or fundamental applications engaging with digital government.
  1. Implement standards, models, measures, principles and approaches in the form of digital technology as well as the transaction process in order to bridge information and work systems among government agencies legitimately and concordantly.
  1. Promote and endorse the integration and exchange information among government agencies, the disclosure of government information through digital technology and appointing as an exchange center of government’s digital information records in order to facilitate services to people and government agencies’ transactions.
  1. Enhance and ratify government agencies to provide digital services to concerned parties.
  1. Reinforce a one stop government’s digital service where people can access conveniently, promptly and securely.
  1. Advocate and promote government agencies in terms of the project management and administration of the digital technology as well as endorse, sponsor and impart academic services and trainings in order to optimize government officers’ digital competencies.
  1. Study, research, experiment, endorse and sponsor academic works, researches and innovations to enhance digital government development.
  1. Promote government’s transactions that are accountable for annual budget allocation framework involving with digital government as well as fortify the monitoring and evaluation of digital government’s transactions and plans.
  1. Proceed other matters with regard to digital government developments as per the laws and the Cabinet’s