Vision/Roles of the DGA

18 August 2020

The Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) or DGA is the main agency of the digital government system. It serves to promote and support the operations of government agencies and other agencies regarding the development of digital government by having the below vision and roles.


Acting as a “Smart Connector”, DGA is ready for supporting all agencies in collaborating and co-creating as well as connecting the government with the public – for people to access services easily, comprehensively, conveniently and transparently, while reducing inequality; and for the business sector to operate seamlessly. The following goals have been set:

  1. To be a collaborative and creative thinker, connecting the public sector with the people; to achieve the goal of “Smart Nation Smart Life” by linking and developing services that are convenient, easy to use and accessible to the public and the business sector, becoming a one-stop service along with the continuous development of digital skills for government personnel
  2. To raise the level of digital governance, with 2027 as the target date to achieve placement in the E-Government Development Index (EGDI) top 40 global ranking, in line with the organization’s brand value: “Digital government creates a Smart Nation that enables a Smart Life, enhancing the way of life for the Thai people”

To lay out strategies to encourage staff in the DGA to embrace the DNA of being a “Smart Connector” or collaborative creators who are ready for working to connect the government, private and public sectors to make people’s lives better


  1. To develop, manage and provide digital technology infrastructure and basic service systems or applications related to digital government
  2. To formulate standards, guidelines, measures, criteria and methods for digital technology and operational processes, so that they are able to efficiently and consistently integrate information and working systems between agencies
  3. To promote and support the integration and exchange of information between government agencies, the disclosure of government information through digital technology, and serve as the center for exchanging government digital databases to facilitate public services operations of government agencies
  4. To promote and support government agencies to provide digital services to related parties
  5. To develop comprehensive digital government services at the single point where citizens can access services conveniently, quickly and securely
  6. To provide consultation for and support government agencies in managing digital technology projects, including promoting, supporting, providing academic services and offering training to enhance the skills, knowledge and competencies of government officials in the field of digital government
  7. To study, research, innovate and promote and support academic work, research and innovation in digital government development
  8. To support the operations of government agencies responsible for the budget allocation framework and annual budget integration related to digital government as well as support the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of work plans and national plans related to digital government
  9. To take other actions to develop a digital government as stipulated by law or as assigned by the Cabinet

For the benefit of developing a digital government with a consistent approach or a single system, the agency may propose that the Cabinet pass a resolution requiring government agencies to support the DGA’s operations or work to jointly to develop the system with the DGA in accordance with the above.