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25 November 2562 02:07:23
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The Development of Competency and ICT Personnel Database of Government Agencies


e-Government Academy: The widespread use of the Internet and modern communication tools helps government officials to develop their knowledge and competency of the information technology, aiming to achieve the government’s strategic goal towards the upcoming Digital Economy. Consequently, the Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) (DGA) has determined to promote its e-Government Agency project to stimulate the development of competency and ICT personnel database of government agencies and their people ready for the existence of e-Government.   


e-Gov Academy



  1. To conduct a survey and prepare the updated ICT personnel database of government agencies to use as a guideline for systematic personal development planning.
  2. To develop effective procedures of ICT management for chief executive officers to encourage everyone in the organization to pursue.    
  3. To encourage greater vision and competency in ICT management for the ICT department’s chief executive officers of government organizations.
  4. To foster the development of e-Learning to support further study conducted by ICT personnel and stimulate the use of technological applications for education.  



Training Programs for Competency Advancement and Personnel Development

  1. E-Government Chief Executive Officer: CEO
    The E-Government Chief Executive Officer: CEO is launched for high-ranking executives, such as secretary-general and equivalent positions, emphasizing policy management of government organizations required for e-Government complying with the government’s national development plan. 
  2. E-Government Executive Program: EGEP
    The E-Government Executive Program: EGEP is designed for a higher level of high-ranking executives, including deputy director-general, deputy secretary-general, and equivalent positions. The program focuses mainly on the integrated ICT management corresponding to the national development plan declared previously by the government.   
  3. E-Government Exchange Program: EGxP
    The E-Government Exchange Program: EGxP focuses on effective management of specific ICT tasks and requirements towards e-Government in compliance with the government’s national development plan.  



In addition, each knowledge-based program has been launched properly and can be applied into various tasks to achieve substantial benefits complying with the national development policies towards e-Government. Actually, all courses are introduced with the approval of educational committee members and experts from the ICT industry.  As a result, participants will be able to gain sufficient knowledge and experience in various aspects.


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