e-Gov Portal

25 November 2562 02:05:16
Date : 25 November 2562 02:05:16 | 12496 Reads

The DGA has introduced its e-Government Portal to serve as a central information center to facilitate people in obtaining public services provided by different government agencies. The e-Government Portal is available on the website 


e-Gov Portal


  1. To facilitate people in obtaining information and services provided by various government agencies, which will bring a number of benefits to people of all occupations, while providing convenient routine procedures for everyone, anywhere and anytime.
  2. To foster further knowledge through people’s participation in developing e-Government.


Implementation Performances

  1. The government-based electronic services are developed in the Single Sign-On form, totaling 38 systems. Apparently, some of the most remarkable systems have been designed to empower significant progress, for instance, database management, rehabilitation for victims of unrest in southern border provinces, sub-district data administration, provincial welfare database, Internet-based inquiry services, medical rehabilitation services initiated by Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Institute (SNMRI), and donation allocation and management for needy people.   
  2. The website e-Government Portal developed for electronic services has been improved according to the government’s required standards to serve as guidelines for various government agencies.
  3. The contents on the website e-Government Portal are completely updated to satisfy all demands, where the procurement of consultants is in progress. 




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