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Centralized Electronic Mail System for Public Sector Communication (MailGoThai)

MailGoThai is a centralized electronic mail system developed for effective communication of the public sector, with high efficiency and security suitable for continuous operations. The system has also been enabled with protective systems that can endure various natural disasters, guaranteeing enhanced operational capacity with easy-to-apply functions. 


As a result, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (formerly the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology) has assigned the Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) (DGA) to be responsible for developing, supervising, and managing the use of the program for government organizations only as the previous government in 2007 had issued a resolution for all government officials to terminate the use of any form of electronic mail provided by the private sector, where the government’s confidential information could be at risk of being hacked or misused as a result of cybercrime.   



  • To facilitate government officials and state employees in using an efficient electronic mail service developed by the public sector.
  • To maintain security of the government information, where all functions can still be performed even during occurrence of any natural disaster.
  • To serve as an information center in producing Government ID to support various public services provided to people society.


Special Qualifications

  • Possesses 10GB of storage space with the capacity to support attached files of up to 25MB. 
  • Allow users to share obtained information via various functions, for instance, Calendar, Address Book, Tasks, and Personal File Store.
  • Supports the application of a client-based email, such as MS Outlook or Thunderbird.
  • Supports the application on mobile phones and tablets with iOS, Android, or Windows. 
  • Allows users to adjust or redesign their operating screens, for example, theme, language, and font style based on their personal preferences.
  • Possesses user information management system expected to be operated by a system administrator of a certain organization.   



  • Possesses the finest arrangement of Log belonging to the sender or receiver, with the report of delivery time and IP address, which will be valid for a period of 90 days.
  • Equipped with Firewall to ensure the most secure protection caused by cybercrime.
  • Features anti-virus or anti-spam programs.
  • Supports efficient sending and receiving of emails with SSL Protocol codes.
  • Guarantees system stability with a downtime period not exceeding 3.6 hours per month (SLA: 99.5 percent).  
  • Able to generate information back-up of both onsite and offsite forms that can ensure consistent operations.



Acquisition of Service

Interested government agencies aiming to apply for the MailGoThai service can contact the DGA Contact Center for more information. A 30-day trial service will also be provided free of charge, while the DGA is always ready to offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services available 24 hours-a-day and provide users with professional training programs to ensure sufficient knowledge and competency before actually applying for the MailGoThai service. 


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