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Development of Government Cloud (G-Cloud)

Government Cloud, also known as G-Cloud, is an infrastructure component with shared resources developed by the Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) (DGA). The development of Cloud technology will be provided for several government agencies, where sources of information will be stored on the Internet. As G-Cloud can run remotely over the network, the size of the program is adjustable depending on users’ specific requirements, with effective resource allocation, high security, and enhanced administration. 


G-Cloud offers a broad range of benefits to various IT-based services, where government personnel can generate greater working performance to ensure the highest quality of public services for everyone.



  • To reduce redundancy in the procurement of required devices and systems as well as alleviate tasks in managing and maintaining required devices and systems.
  • To promote efficient use of energy and spaces inside a certain government agency suitable for the development of e-Government leading to the Green IT concept.   
  • To upgrade the scope of services to the Platform as a Service (PaaS) and the Software as a Service (SaaS).    
  • To introduce the most secure system complying with relevant IT standards and laws.
  • To create an opportunity in operating a business for all sectors as well as build up collaborative action between the public and private sectors.





Service Implementation

  • G-Cloud provides services based on actual requirements, where resources will be arranged according to different demands of users including virtual servers, operating systems, memory units, and central processing units.
  • A team of technicians will be available for services 24 hours-a-day on a daily basis, whereby people will always be offered quality public services.
  • The Cloud Computing system is highly secure and is developed for government organizations only, where the Service-Level Agreement (SLA) is not less than 99.5 percent.  
  • The system will certainly help reduce redundancy of investments varying in equipment, servers, server devices, and data centers.
  • The system can be accessed via GIN and the Internet.
  • The system can support all types of Cloud programs developed by the DGA to facilitate fundamental public services provided by the central government.   


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