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8 February 2562 04:35:30
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Transform Government to The Digital Age


1. To develop, administrate, and provide digital infrastructure and service systems or fundamental applications with regard to digital government.

2. To formulate digital technology standards, guidelines, measures, principles, approaches and processes in order to connect government agencies' data and working systems efficiently and concordantly.

3. To promote and support data integration and exchange between government agencies, the disclosure of government data through digital technology, and to become a government digital record exchange center in order to facilitate the provision of government services to citizens and government agencies' operations.

4. To promote and support government agencies to provide digital services to concerned parties.

5. To develop government's one-stop digital service which enables citizens to access conveniently, promptly and securely.

6. To provide consultation for government agencies on digital technology project administration and management and to promote, support and provide academic services and training in order to enhance government officers' digital competencies.

7. To study, research, innovate, and to sponsor academic works, research and innovations to enhance digital government development.

8. To support government agencies responsible for digital government annual budget allocation framework and to monitor and evaluate the implementation of national and operational digital government plans.

9. To conduct other missions as required by laws or assigned by the Cabinet.





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