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Gov Channel

Gov Channel provides electronic government-related information based on the one-stop service concept launched to enhance people’s quality of lives as they can make an access to public services more efficiently and conveniently. Gov Channel can ensure the elimination of social gaps among people from different classes and, more importantly, they are also encouraged to make use of the “computer” as a new efficient tool in accessing public services promoted via the portal site or, providing links to other knowledge-based websites including: – possesses various government-based information, such as provisions and requirements of acts, licenses, and manuals, used when contacting a public organization. When encountering problems occurring from improper public services, the website can also facilitate people with a modern complaint filing system. – provides a set of public information that can be used freely without limitation or restriction. The obtained information can be used individually or shared to targeted receivers. However, for proper use of the information, it is required to indicate the source of information as well as pursue the terms and conditions specified by the developers. – is considered an information center providing a complete set of government applications, also known as GAC. The GAC program, consisting of 12 major applications, can be downloaded conveniently via various mobile communication devices. – is a website that unveils central electronic services or e-Gov Portal, where people can feel free to select their preferred online services provided by the website. – is featured with centralized public services developed exclusively for the business sector, where corporate entrepreneurs and investors can obtain consultancy services for starting a business via online channels available on mobile communication devices, anywhere and at any time. – unveils a variety of information on government spending, particularly taxes paid by people. Obviously, the website is developed according to the resolutions approved by the National Anti-Corruption Committee, enhancing the development of transactional procurement issued by the Comptroller General’s Department (CGD) in the form of Open Government Data via the government information center or


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