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Government Application Center (GAC)

Government Application Center (GAC) provides a large range of online applications to facilitate the public in searching for required information and downloading preferred applications to be featured on mobile devices quickly and conveniently. Strategically, GAC offers 12 categories of applications, for example, national stability and laws, employment and recruitment, finance and tax, and business. The EGA is required to act as a coordinator to introduce GAC to the general public, which can be viewed at



Why is GAC Better Than Ordinary Government-Based Applications?


  • GAC provides a complete collection of government-based applications that can satisfy all demands.
  • GAC can facilitate effective searches for government-based applications that are not featured in App Store or Google Play. 
  • GAC offers a comprehensive range of government-based applications dividing into 12 major categories.
  • GAC is easily accessible with Wi-Fi, 3G, or Edge connections.
  • GAC is developed based on the “More Frequent Use, More Supportive Action” concept that can be applied into all types of mobile communication devices. 



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