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Government Software as a Service (G-SaaS)


G-SaaS is a software service provided on the Internet following actual use without requiring the installation of a computer as it is flexibly allowed to use the preferred portion of space only, with higher cost-efficiency compared to the normal purchase of a software program with license that requires a larger investment budget.  


In fact, G-SaaS has been developed by a strategic collaboration between the Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) (DGA) the Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organization) (SIPA), and the Software Park Thailand, fostered to encourage the private sector’s participation in the knowledge of the planning and implementation of advanced technology used in the development of systems and software integrity. The system is highly effective and can satisfy various demands on G-Cloud required by government agencies.


Benefits for Government Agencies


  • Generate effective management and supervision in applying software programs, with time-efficiency required for the installation and reduction of problems that may have occurred during the upgrading and maintenance of software programs.
  • Ensure cost-savings for software investments as it only requires authorized rental of software programs, not permanent purchase, whereby service fees will be charged for actual use.
  • Can conveniently be accessed with a username and a password to define the scope of a certain software program, whereby the levels and history of access can also be viewed at any time.
  • Considered standardized software programs approved by the DGA.
  • Reduce redundancy of procurement (for software programs provided by the DGA only).
  • Minimize excessive cost of information technology.
  • Provide the highest security of data for all electronic transactions with the highest level of security standards applied by the government sector.
  • Guarantee that software programs can be operated anywhere at any time with similar standards of communication applied by different government agencies.



Benefits for Private Organizations

  • Foster strategic partnership between the private sector and the DGA in developing powerful software programs to support different government-based operations provided for the general public, directly and indirectly.


Benefits for General Public

  • Ensure the most reliable and convenient services that can equally be reached by all people via both government sites and the Internet worldwide. 



Standards Required for Private Sector Participating in the Development of G-SaaS

  • Standards and Requirements of Software Service Providers

    The DGA’s working group has determined a set of standards and quality control measures, including the security of services and software programs of private agencies intending to become service providers. Interested private firms will be evaluated and are required to comply with the DGA’s standards, where the results of evaluation will be reported according to the structure of online services provided by the public sector. To take part in the G-SaaS development project, the successful private firms are also required to pursue the terms and conditions of the Service-Level Agreement (SLA).   


  • Termination of Software Service Providers

    As the DGA has remained firm in providing quality services complying with all required standards in a consistent manner, software service providers under the G-SaaS development project are compulsorily required to possess the highest competency and promptness in providing the best software services to all users without causing any severe problems, while being able to troubleshoot all issues as requested. However, in cases where any software service provider is unable to comply with the aforementioned requirements, the termination of being a software service provider will be considered regarding the following causes:


  1. Unable to comply with the requirements of the Service-Level Agreement.
  2. Possesses no service user (or possesses a very low number of service users, for instance, having only 1 firm or lower than 10 user accounts in hand).   
  3. Provides any inappropriate software program not complying with the G-SaaS requirements.       
  4. Receives any complaint filed by a software service user (requiring mutual consideration between a software service provider, a software service user, and the DGA).


Online Software Programs Currently Provided by the Public Sector

Saraban as a Service
Saraban as a Service, also known as e-Saraban, is developed to support the expansion of the exchange of information via the electronic content system, developed by various government agencies, empowered by the Cross Platform Interconnection to facilitate efficient and accurate exchange of information between relevant agencies as well as reduce the use of printed documents.

SMS as a Service
Short Message Service (SMS) will be provided via a specific website to promote effective communication within the organization as well as keeping the general public informed about relevant news and announcements. 


Government Web Conference
Government Web Conference is a remote conferencing system developed via the government network to support the use of multimedia.


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