25 November 2562 02:08:16
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G-Chat is an application developed to support the use of online communication systems for various government organizations via mobile communication devices that can ensure the highest security of transmitting information. As many applications currently available on mobile communication devices are at risk of being hacked, the government’s confidential information is sensitive to being engaged in fraudulent acts and it can severely affect national security in the long run. 


In addition, the Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) (DGA) has developed its G-Chat program to be used by government agencies only. The chat room will be created for chat messages used on several occasions, for instance, online conferences and video calls. The modern technology can guarantee greater efficiency and security of electronic communication complying with required international standards.   


G-Chat will also facilitate users from different government organizations with the highest privacy and security of information corresponding to the upcoming Digital Government.  


Special Qualifications of G-Chat

  • Operational modes of G-Chat can be selected according to different requirements of various government organizations, which will be supervised by their own system administrators.
  • A personal chat room can be created only for preferred people to join the individual or group communication with an unlimited amount of members to be featured in the chat room.
  • A chat room is featured with a location sharing system that can clearly indicate the actual location of all members when a message is delivered.
  • New members of a chat room can view all sent messages posted since the chat room was created for the first time. 
  • Senders will be allowed to check on the list of persons who have already acknowledged their delivered messages.
  • G-Chat can be used for communication across government agencies.
  • G-Chat can be connected to other PCs and mobile communication devices. 



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