Uptime Institute Honors EGA with Tier III-Level Certification for Excellent Data Center Design

15 February 2560 04:43:01
Date : 15 February 2560 04:43:01 | 1746 Reads


Nowadays, public and private organizations have applied the use of IT systems to be part of their service development and business progress aiming to greatly satisfy increasing demands for services. Basically, the innovatively developed IT systems are managed and supervised by the data center. 

Simply, the data center has been designed to be a house of servers, ranging from web hosting to super computer. A remarkable example of centralized servers is the government procurement system seen through, where the functional integrity is always guaranteed.   

The data center operates without any day off as it is required to perform its multiple functions on a 24-hour daily basis. Therefore, considered as the heart of all operating systems, it is imperative to maintain the temperature in the server room so that it remains stable at all times.

Let’s imagine the operating system of the rapid transit. Take the subway for example, the train is always expected to arrive at the planned time and provide its normal services without causing any disruption. The aforementioned requirements can be achieved by the management and supervision of the command center. Additionally, the information of the subway’s service routes is provided by various processing systems of intelligent servers installed in the data center. Should the data center encounter a problem, the servers will not be able to perform their normal functions as well. As an untoward incident can occur at anytime, responsible officials can be at risk of issuing faulty commands, which could prove fatal to passengers. In conclusion, it is highly important to maintain the integrity of the data center.   

For the construction of the data center, it is compulsorily required to be certified with the approved international standard, for instance, Uptime Institute and TIA 942 from the US and TUViT from Europe.     



In 2016, the Electronic Government Agency (Public Organization) (EGA) made a request for Uptime Institute certification to ensure the efficiency of principal servers and other networking systems installed in the data center, with no “single point of failure” guaranteed. Compulsorily, the data center was observed thoroughly by a team of qualified engineers from Uptime Institute, who were required to inspect all computerized servers and IT-based devices to ensure they could perform their multiple functions efficiently and appropriately, as part of the goal to declare the remarkable achievement of G-Cloud developed in compliance with the required international standard.   



The Uptime Institute certification focuses on three major areas including:

  • Design
  • Facility
  • Operations

The globally renowned certification is categorized in four levels described as Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, and Tier IV.

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In the same year, the EGA was certified for the quality design of its data center, achieving the Tier Certification of Design Documents Level III (Tier III). This notable accomplishment guarantees the superior performance of all servers, proving that no single point of failure (possibility of downtime) could be found. In the data center, all computerized servers and IT-based devices were expected to be “concurrently maintainable” in order to increase reliability and availability for G-Cloud. 

In Thailand, the Electronic Government Agency (Public Organization) (EGA) and PTT Public Company Limited are the only two renowned organizations to be certified with the Uptime Institute certification.  


The overall aspects of ASEAN countries honored with the Uptime Institute certification.

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